2015 - Chevalier Ron MacPherson

     Ron arrived in Hawaii in 1989.  At that time, he was unaware of any Scottish influence and culture in Hawaii.  That quickly changed when he put on his Bonnie Prince Charlie and kilt to go to a company Christmas Party only to be mistaken as the leader of a bagpipe band that happened to be playing at the time.  

     His first introduction to any Scottish organizations in Hawaii was through a news article for the January Burns Supper.  He decided to go and ended up getting drug out onto the floor during the Scottish country dance portion.  That led to him getting into Scottish Country Dancing.  Then shortly thereafter in April, he happened upon the Hawaii Scottish Games led by the Hawaii Scottish Association.  He volunteered for that event and quickly became involved with the Association eventually becoming HSA’s Vice Chieftain.

     From there, Ron learned of, and became involved with, many of the Scottish organizations in Hawaii.  He is one of the few lifetime members of the Hawaiian Scottish Association, the Caledonian Society of Hawaii, and the Scottish American Military Society.  He is a Chevalier in the Order of Saint Stanislas, the Royal Order of the Piast, and the American Order of Saint John the Baptist.  He is also a lifetime member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

     Ron has been an active member for the Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii for many, many years and provided great service to our organization during that timeframe as a SASH board member.

     Without a doubt, Ron’s life experiences and service to not only our Hawaii Scottish organizations, but to this great nation, have earned him the honor of being selected this year’s Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii “Scot of the Year.”

2014 - Capt. Randy Jaycox, USN (ret.)

Randy was born in California, lived there until he was a teenager and then moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he graduated from High School. He was awarded a full scholarship by the U.S. Navy to the University of Colorado, from which he graduated in 1952 as an Ensign, USN. For the next thirty years he served in a variety of assignments, beginning with the cruiser USS Bremerton off Korea. Next came flight training in Florida and on to Patrol Squadron 29 flying P2V patrol planes off the coast of China. This was followed by a tour flying A3D jet bombers off the aircraft carrier USS Shangri La in the western Pacific. He served on several staffs in Hawaii and Washington D.C., eventually retiring as a Captain at the Department of Energy, where he was the Acting Director of the Nuclear Weapons Production Division.

Randy and Jean (who he met in Hawaii) have lived continually in Hawaii since 1984 from where they have traveled throughout the world, visiting over 100 countries, and in such places as Nepal, Mongolia, and Timbuktu! They have hiked a good bit during their travels, including climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan, trekked for two weeks in Nepal to the Annapurna Sanctuary, and along much of Hadrian’s Wall in England. When not traveling, Randy has volunteered for a number of community programs, such as the Mediation Center, the Suicide and Crisis Center, and served on the boards of the Gateway Center (formerly the Immigrant Center) and the Honolulu Symphony (six years). Currently Randy is a Docent at the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor.

2011 - Bill Comerford

2009 - Cesci Perez de Wang

2008 - Father Richard Rubie

2007 - Kathleen (Katie) O’Neill

After graduating, she continued her travels and spent 2 years in Japan as an English teacher.

Finally finding a home with the Outback Steakhouse family, Katie eventually became a member of Outback’s International Training Team. She worked her way to the top by opening branches in Japan, Guam and Maui. At the ripe old age of 29, Katie was offered an ownership at the Hawaii Kai Branch.

With Katie, everything is about teamwork and mutual support. She never stops singing the praises of her own team and it’s not often (if ever!) that she’ll blow her own horn.

Community service and sponsorship are two of the things that make Katie so special. She is adamant about giving back to the community that supports her. Some of her recent Outback Steakhouse events involve the Relay for Life in Kailua, a halau fundraiser, the MDA Telethon and of course sponsoring neighborhood High Schools including Kaiser & Kalani.

A staunch supporter of the Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii, Katie always has a private room reserved for our monthly board meetings at her restaurant and sponsors several of our events every year.

Congratulations, Katie, and thank you so much!!!

2006 - Barbara Coon

2005 - Scott Stone

Hist military career begain with a congressional appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, which he declined, so he could enlist in the Navy/Marine Corps where he served aboard the Destroyer, USS Twiningand the Cruiser, USS Manchester in the far east during the early 50's. He continued his military service in the U.S. Army Reserve with the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry. He later transferred to the U.S. Navy for service in Vietnam and extended active duty with the 3rd Fleet and the Pacific Fleet. In 1992, he retired as a navy Commander.

As a journalist, Mr. Stone was the foreign correspondent for Reuters(in Hawaii and the Pacific), COX News Service (In Asia and the Pacific) and the New York Times News Service. He was also the Media Advisor and Speech writer for acting Governor George Ariyoshi, Lieutenant Governor Nelson Doi, and Cogressman Cec Heftel.

He is a prolific writer of both fact and fiction for which he has won many accolades, including Honolulu Press Club awards for reporting. The Edgar Allen Poe National First Prize award for his Novel "The Dragon's eye", and he has had his work picked for permanent inclusion in the Camp David Library for "Wrapped in the Wind's Shawl" which he co-authored with John E. McGowan.

Born in East Tennessee of Scots, Norwegian, and Cherokee/Shawnee Ancestry, he now resides with his wife, Walelu, on the big island of Hawaii.

Ron MacPherson was born and grew up in California.  His Celtic heritage includes both Scottish and Welsh.  For his Scottish heritage, Ron is 14th generation American-Scot descended from Archibald MacPherson from Edinburgh, Scotland.  Ron’s family has a strong history of serving the United States military stemming from Archibald MacPherson’s son’s service in the Revolutionary War, to Ron’s father’s service in World War II and Korea and to his uncle’s service in Korea, all the way through to Ron serving multiple tours as a US Marine during the Vietnam War where he was wounded during combat action near DaNang earning him the Purple Heart.  His sister also was a US Marine.

Randy Jaycox is a true Scot, having descended from the Ramsey clan, which migrated from Scotland to what is now West Virginia in the 1700's. In addition, he married another true Scot, Jean, herself a member of the Malcolm clan. Randy very much enjoys reading aloud from the poetry of Robert Burns, using a Scottish brogue.

Katie was born in Lynn and grew up in the Boston area of Massachusetts.

While attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Katie spent a lot of time traveling through Europe with Ireland, Scotland, Spain and England being a few of her stops. She even spent some time as a barmaid in an English pub!

Scott Stone has been a long-time supporter of the local Scottish community. He was an early member of the Caledonian Society of Hawaii when he resided on the island of O'ahu.